Our mouth-watering entree is prepared with the freshest of ingredients.

 Bon Appetite! 

Make sure your guests are satisfied to the very end of your event or wedding. We have a variety of delicious options to choose from or we can help you create your own custom menu!

All our selections are prepared from gourmet recipes and with high quality ingredients.

Appetizers »

Get the party, event or wedding reception started with an appetizer from our collection of tempting finger foods and delicious hors d'oeuvres.

Take a look at all the scrumptious appetizers we have to offer! 

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Soup and Salad »

Start your meal off splendidly with our sumptuous variety of delicious soups and freshly prepared salads. We offer endless flavors and assortments sure to suit your tastes! Browse through our soup and salad options and find the perfect combination for you! 

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Entrees »

Satisfy your guests with a main course from our line-up of scrumptious entrees! All of our foods are freshly prepared with the very best ingredients to create a tantalizing feast for you and your guests. Take a look at our entree options and let us provide you with the perfect meal for your special occasion! 

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Side Dishes »

Find the perfect accompaniment to your decadent meal with our tantalizing sides. Choose from a tasty selection of fresh foods ranging from home-cooked fried green tomatoes to carrot zucchini toss, no matter your preference, we have a plentiful variety of delicious options perfect for you! 

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Sweets and Desserts »

End your event, party or wedding reception with a yummy sweet treat from our dessert menu. We pride ourselves in creating delicious and artfully designed pastries and cakes to give your occasion that extra touch of beauty and sweetness. Take a look below at the tasty desserts we have to offer! 

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Box Lunches »

Everyone is busy, so a quick nutritious meal works for anyone. We cater delicious, convenient lunches for any time and any place. Whether you're in a meeting, at home, in a motor coach, or even a plane, we can deliver right you! Take a moment to browse through the tasty lunch box menus we have to offer! 



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Sandwich & Meat Trays »

Add a delicious complement to your party or event with our tasty sandwiches and meat trays. We offer numerous options of yummy sandwiches crafted specially for your occasion. Also impress your guests with our sumptuous meat trays that come in a wonderful variety of the freshest meats finely sliced and artfully arranged. Take a look below and find an assortment just right for your event! 

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Breads »

Start your meal off right with some of our freshly baked breads! Choose from our delicious variety of finely made breads ranging from wholesome rich flavors to sweet, light tastes. Whatever your preference may be, we guarantee to have something delicious just for you! 

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Food Stations »

Looking to add some creative variety to your event? Then impress your guests with our intriguing food stations!  We offer our customary stations with to accommodate any special occasion that come in numerous themes including asian, seafood, sushi, and many more! Our expert chefs will masterfully prepare your food to your heart’s content and provide you with excellent service. Take a look below at all the food stations we have to offer.  

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Beverages »

Beverages are a given necessity to any meal so we offer our customers a wide variety of tasty drinks such as soda, tea, juice, milk, much more. We are also licensed and insured to sell and service alcoholic beverages. For a standard bar (four hours) we provide setups, soda, juices, and premium brands of bourbon, scotch, rum, gin, tequila, vodka, beer, and wine.  

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